Want To Live, Play, & Seduce Women Like James Bond?

Published: 15th January 2010
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Want To Live, Play, & Seduce Women Like James Bond?

You'll Learn And Put To Use The Exact Steps Needed To Have This Amazing Lifestyle
This is not a joke. This isn't some cutesy book about buying James Bond memorabilia and walking around with a fake Walther PPK.
This is a definitive guide to living a kick-ass, real lifestyle just like James Bond's. I'm going to share with you the essential ingredients of how I live the ultimate 007 lifestyle.
Follow this guide and you will feel like 007. Your friends will be jealous as they watch you travel the world with ease and take control of women's hearts effortlessly.
You will be able to design a lifestyle that rocks your boat. You will have more options and freedom to pursue your goals and ambitions. You will become a positive influence on others to live happy and fulfilling lives.

Unfortunately most men and Bond fans will never live this way. Why? Because they don't know the rules of the game...
Deep down, every James Bond fan (and every man for that matter), wants to live like a 00-agent. The adventure, the style, the women. Who wouldn't want that?
But what do most of guys do with their lives? Absolutely nothing.
They sit back and take whatever hand the world deals them - and it usually isn't a lot. Maybe a nice cubicle down the hall from a window...
Sure some get lucky and score amazing jobs or a get beautiful woman now and again. But this certainly isn't what happens to the average guy.
Just about every James Bond fan I know fantasizes about being in Bond's shoes. But the funny thing is, most fans won't go beyond those fantasies, because they think it is too difficult to pull off!
They can quote an entire Bond movie, but they can't tell you how to talk to a woman or what it feels like to exit the airport and enter a foreign country for the first time.
Life Doesn't Have To Be Like That!
I'm embarrassed to say that a couple of years ago I was just another one of those Bond fans sitting behind a desk all day. I was boring, I had boring relationships, and I was slowly accepting that this was as good as my life was going to be.
Then something tragic happened.
One of my dad's best friends, a guy I've known my whole life, had a sudden heart attack and died in his front yard. He laid there on the lawn for hours until his wife came home from work and discovered his body.
My mortality suddenly became much more real. I saw myself in 20 years living the same boring life. Always dreaming but never doing. Desperately wishing I could break free.
But I didn't want to end up just like my dad's friend. I wanted to do everything I truly wanted to.
I knew then that I had to reinvent myself. I was fed up. It was time to start living the lifestyle I had always wanted - the 007 lifestyle.
I spent the next several months reflecting and even studying James Bond films. I absorbed every bit of the character that I could. I knew Bond wasn't real, but I wanted his lifestyle so badly that I didn't care.
I started learning new skills, working out, and talking to women. I focused on improving myself everyday.
Then I took an adventure packed vacation where I bungee jumped, sky dived, and shot a gun for the first time. I even visited some of the exact locations where they shot movie scenes in Panama and in Brazil. I didn't look like James Bond but I felt like him.
I Didn't Want Any "What If's?"
After returning home absolutely ecstatic about my adventures I felt stronger and more confident than ever before. In the past I was caged by my fear. I was afraid to start a business or approach women. "What if I fail or get rejected," I'd always think. But this time it didn't matter. I didn't want any "What if's?"
I started going for it in every aspect of my life and guess what? I succeeded. I quit my job and began freelance writing. Eventually, I started a few of my own websites. I wasn't making millions of dollars, but I was making enough to travel and enjoy my life.
I began studying every piece of material I could on how to meet women and attract them. I spent hours in bars talking to women and developing my own systematic way to seduce them. And, I started getting dates consistently.
I was suddenly the guy who knew what it took to talk to the most beautiful women in clubs, bars, and on the street.

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